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πŸ”ŽΒ we feature startups that are

  • founded by smart and driven industry disruptors
  • early in their life cycles with many avenues for growth
  • changing the status quo for the next generation of consumers, builders, and businesses

✏️ what to expect

  • one edition in your inbox every Tuesday morning (< 2 min. read)
  • each edition includes a feature on a new startup with a summary and high-level diligence, in bulleted form
  • updates on the startups we cover and happenings in the space

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Brett Perlmutter

Sam Segal

Juliana Arbelaez

Alexis Ballo

Jesse Perlmutter

Gabriela Berenholc

Charles Kahn

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  • what is a bulletpitch company?
    • an early-stage startup that is transforming how the next generation works and lives
    • founders come from various backgrounds, have an exciting founding story, and are early in their entrepreneurial journeys
    • some characteristics we look for:
      • product(s) in beta
      • pre-revenue
      • stealth mode, pre-seed, seed fundraising
      • < 15 employees
  • what can I expect from a weekly newsletter?
    • every Tuesday, we send a letter on a high-potential, early-stage startup straight to your inbox
    • we provide a bulleted overview and diligence with a touch of personality to keep things engaging 😜
    • every letter can be read in a minute
  • what industries does bulletpitch cover
    • we cover startups across all industries
    • if you are interested in a particular vertical, feel free to use the industry search bar on our website πŸ”Ž
  • does bulletpitch cover specific geographies
    • nope! bulletpitch companies are headquartered all around the physical and virtual world 🌎
  • how do I get my startup featured?
    • if you are interested in having your startup or a startup you love featured in the newsletter, please contact us at
    • feel free to include any press materials, pitch decks, or fun facts that help us get to know you 🀝
  • does bulletpitch have advertisers?
    • yes! if you are interested in reaching an audience of investors, founders, business students, and startup enthusiasts, send us a message at
  • are you hiring?
    • we aren’t currently looking to fill specific roles, but we are always excited to meet passionate people interested in learning more about bulletpitch
    • say hi at!

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