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Discz Music 💿

remixing music discovery

setting the scene

  • you’re in the car with your friends and it’s your turn to take the aux 🚗
  • it’s been a minute since you’ve updated your playlists, so you panic and shuffle “Today’s Hits” 🔀
  • no one approves of your predictable music selection 🤦🏻‍♀️
  • this week’s company hopes to constantly keep the playlist fresh, allowing users to discover new music and get inspired by others

in a sentence

Discz Music is a music discovery platform that gives song recommendations and lets users share mixes

  • recommendations: swipe through recs based on your past listening preferences and add songs to playlists as you go
  • share: create mixes and explore others’ tastes in a social feed

bulleted version: think dating app for music; swipe right on songs to add them to your playlists ❤️

the basics

due diligence

what we like

  • ✅ dilution solution: a new song is uploaded to Spotify every second
    • Discz helps users cut through the noise of the crowded platform
  • 🔎 demand for discovery: music streamers have spent billions of hours listening to Spotify’s personalized “Discover Weekly” playlist
  • 📻in tune with their audience: Discz offers song samples for Gen Z’s shorter attention spans and demonstrates an understanding of their social focus

potential risks

  • 🚫 Spotify only: by sticking to one streaming platform, Discz fails to reach about 70% of listeners
  • ☝️one hit wonders: several social music platforms have come and gone
    • Discz must innovate with its users’ needs to dominate music discovery
  • 🔧technical difficulties: with an explosion of users, Discz has struggled with tech difficulties; these must be addressed to keep users hooked

founder profiles


why Discz Music: with personalized recs and a social feed, Discz has struck a chord with Gen Z music discovery needs 🎵