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monetizing grandma’s banana bread

setting the scene 

  • after devouring a third slice of your grandma’s banana bread, a business opportunity comes to mind
  • “grandma, you should really start selling your banana bread” 💵
  • with her packed Mahjong schedule, she’s far too busy to open a bakery 🧁
  • what if there was another way her recipe could reach the masses?
  • this week’s company provides a recipe marketplace that would allow grandma to roll in the dough 💰
Home Page | Foody

in a sentence

Foody is a marketplace where culinary creators can monetize their content and home cooks can purchase and organize recipes

  • culinary creators: amateur cooks to Michelin-star chefs publish and sell their recipes and cooking videos
  • home cooks: discover, buy, and save your favorite recipes, ad-free
  • organize: digitally sort and store recipes

bulleted version: just like how Spotify allows users to listen, save their favorite songs and artists, and monetize content, Foody provides a platform to discover and post recipes 🍽

the basics

due diligence

what we like

  • 🥰 home cooked meals: for the 98% of Americans who prefer cooking at home, Foody offers a well-designed platform to pick a recipe and start cooking
  • partnerships: bringing on chefs and influencers like Jeremiah Tower, Amanda Haas, Laura and Sayat Ozyilmaz, and Tu David Phu will attract early users and ensure diverse food representation from the start
  • new monetization trends: as the creator economy continues to grow across industries, fans are increasingly willing to pay for content
    • plus, culinary creators need a way to monetize their content

potential risks

  • 💻 online recipes: will Foody’s solutions to the cooking experience be enough to move at-home cooks away from the numerous free recipes that exist today?
  • 👩‍🍳 too many cooks in the kitchen: if too many creators join the platform, users may find it difficult to select their favorite chefs and recipes
  • phone eats first: social platforms like Instagram and TikTok have dominated food discovery
    • Foody must incorporate a sticky and mobile social experience to keep users on the platform

founder profiles


why Foody: Foody’s tasteful platform solves the overwhelming nature of recipe discovery, while also giving creators recognition and an opportunity to monetize 🍳