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Odys Aviation ✈️

transforming the takeoff

a note from us

  • after a traffic-filled trek to the airport, a security check line longer than Disney Land on a holiday weekend, and an hour killed at the gate, you finally make it onto the plane
    • attention passengers, this is your captain speaking
      • we apologize, but our takeoff is delayed due to high runway traffic
      • for now, we thank you for flying with us and encourage you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the wait” 🤬
  • just about every flight has its own version of lines, delays, and hassle
  • this week’s company may have a solution for a shorter, smoother travel experience

in a sentence

Odys Aviation is an airplane manufacturer building a new aircraft that makes traveling quicker and more efficient

  • new aircraft: Odys’ aircrafts take off and land vertically (VTOL), eliminating the need for a runway ↕️
  • quicker: the company will utilize small, regional airports and helipads to skip security lines and gate walks

bulleted version: these aircrafts take off and land like helicopters, but get you to and from your destination like planes…

🚁 +🛩 = planeicoptor

the basics

Odys Aviation is developing hybrid-electric VTOL aircraft with 1,000-mile range - Inceptive Mind

due diligence

what we like

  • ⏰ time is money: today’s travel headache includes a commute to the airport, early arrival for check-in and security, potential delays, and deplaning
    • think about the increased productivity or vacation time we would gain from skipping steps in this process
  • ✅ climate friendly: commutes, takeoffs, and landings have huge environmental consequences; skipping out on these steps + running fully electric for the first 200 miles puts these aircrafts ahead
  • an upgrade is needed: not an upgrade to first class, but for the slow-moving aviation industry
    • while some improvements have been made (inflight entertainment, better fuel economy, bigger aircrafts), a simpler, faster, greener, and cheaper flying experience is well overdue

potential risks

  • 🤝 partner-dependent: their business model relies on partnering with and selling to airline companies, who have dealt with lower sales, frequent consolidation, and high employee turnover
  • no product yet: the aircraft is ready to fly in 2026
    • we’ve seen future-forward transportation companies raise big money with no product, leading to valuation turbulence
  • 🦺 safer: many consumers fear the safety of small planes; whether their safety should be questioned, Odys will have to convince hesitant consumers to ride their planes

founder profiles


why Odys Aviation: vertical takeoff and landing does have a few players, but Odys is changing the way we utilize airports and travel between local cities 🛫

  • we can’t wait to tell our kids about when we had to leave 3 hours early for a 2-hour flight