Loanhood ♻️ can your shirt have nine lives? setting the scene tired of cycling through the same five shirts, you go on a shopping spree here’s the process: buy new items and break the bank 🛍 make space in your closet by shoving clothes into your kitchen pantry enjoy your new items for a few… Read More »Loanhood ♻️

Beli 😋 rethinking the Yelp review setting the scene your friends are in town, and you want to impress them with the perfect dinner reservation 🧐 you consult several sources, including: Yelp reviews from self-important strangers bloggers who review the top tourist spots cluttered lists from friends “the best restaurants near me” Google search this… Read More »Beli 😋

Somewhere Somehow 🗓 share your social calendar setting the scene it’s Valentine’s Day, and you meet the perfect date on Hinge ❤️ after texting back and forth to finalize a location, you send a Calendly link for your date to pick a time days go by with no calendar invite, and you follow up over… Read More »Somewhere Somehow 🗓

Finch 👣 standardizing sustainability setting the scene nothing says climate change like summer temperatures in November 🥵 to decrease your environmental footprint, you start to look closer at the labels on your food, products, and clothing ♻️ half the products you see claim “all natural,” “eco-friendly,” “chemical free,” “non-toxic,” “organic,” or “clean” are all these… Read More »Finch 👣

Superfy 🔎 super answers setting the scene you travel to an unfamiliar country for the holiday break 🛬 after a long day of layovers and flight delays, you arrive at your hotel and realize you misplaced the handwritten list of recommendations from your friend 🤬 you scour the internet for the must-do’s in the area,… Read More »Superfy 🔎

Zette 🗞 news à la carte setting the scene your family, friends, and co-workers send you several articles a week from various news publications 📰 since you don’t subscribe to every online news source, you’re often met with the message: “subscribe to access the rest of this article” 🔒 your options are to pay for… Read More »Zette 🗞

POSH 🎟 you’re invited setting the scene you’re planning the ultimate party, so you rent out a venue and draft an invite you text the invite to 100+ people, and all you get is a few maybe’s 😔 was it the lack of customization? maybe people want to see the invite list before committing? 🤔… Read More »posh 🎟

Discz Music 💿 remixing music discovery setting the scene you’re in the car with your friends and it’s your turn to take the aux 🚗 it’s been a minute since you’ve updated your playlists, so you panic and shuffle “Today’s Hits” 🔀 no one approves of your predictable music selection 🤦🏻‍♀️ this week’s company hopes… Read More »Discz Music 💿

Playhouse 🏡 renovating the house-hunting process setting the scene it’s time to buy your first home, so you hop on Zillow to browse listings in your desired neighborhood 🏘 you take a break to look at a few homes “a little” above your price range 💰 hours have passed by, and you can’t imagine a… Read More »Playhouse 🏡

Foody🍴 monetizing grandma’s banana bread setting the scene  after devouring a third slice of your grandma’s banana bread, a business opportunity comes to mind “grandma, you should really start selling your banana bread” 💵 with her packed Mahjong schedule, she’s far too busy to open a bakery 🧁 what if there was another way her… Read More »Foody🍴