Dealflow 🤑 finances for creators setting the scene you reached 1m followers on TikTok, and the advertising requests roll in while sponsorships bring in the dough, they come with several pain points, including: sending manual invoices to each brand 😥 paying high international exchange rates 😫 waiting weeks for the money to arrive 🙄 managing… Read More »Dealflow 🤑

Insightful 💡 smart scrolling setting the scene you get into bed and begin scrolling though your social feed 🤳 before long…it’s 2am 🕑 you think to yourself, “I wish I could’ve been more productive,” but after a long day it’s easy to get lost in your social feed but what if your mindless scrolling could… Read More »Insightful 💡

beehiiv 🗞 your newsletter architect setting the scene this week, you may notice things are looking a little different in your inbox we underwent some renovations 🔨 our newly designed newsletter makes it even easier and faster to read your weekly bulletpitch curious to know the architect behind our revamp? this week’s company is all… Read More »beehiiv 🗞

Foody🍴 monetizing grandma’s banana bread setting the scene  after devouring a third slice of your grandma’s banana bread, a business opportunity comes to mind “grandma, you should really start selling your banana bread” 💵 with her packed Mahjong schedule, she’s far too busy to open a bakery 🧁 what if there was another way her… Read More »Foody🍴

Workweek 🗃 news with a personality setting the scene to become more “professional” and well-versed in the latest business news, you google “best business news sources” 🧐 taking google’s recs, you buy subscriptions to the WSJ, FT, Barron’s, and Bloomberg you’re learning a lot, but these sources can get a little dry, overwhelming, and lengthy… Read More »Workweek 🗃