Slip 🧾 receipts are a hazard setting the scene after a long flight, you head to baggage claim to find that your checked bags never made it to your destination ✈️ the airline agrees to pay for any clothes you purchase while they locate your luggage, so you hit up your favorite shops 😏 when… Read More »Slip🧾

Dealflow 🤑 finances for creators setting the scene you reached 1m followers on TikTok, and the advertising requests roll in while sponsorships bring in the dough, they come with several pain points, including: sending manual invoices to each brand 😥 paying high international exchange rates 😫 waiting weeks for the money to arrive 🙄 managing… Read More »Dealflow 🤑

Félix 💸 send money abroad setting the scene millions of American immigrants work to support themselves and their families living in their native countries 💸 to send money across borders, these individuals have two options: wait in long lines at the bank or post office and pay a large fee 💰 use online money transfer… Read More »Félix

POSH 🎟 you’re invited setting the scene you’re planning the ultimate party, so you rent out a venue and draft an invite you text the invite to 100+ people, and all you get is a few maybe’s 😔 was it the lack of customization? maybe people want to see the invite list before committing? 🤔… Read More »posh 🎟

Mooch ✉️ your digital piggy bank setting the scene you’re dying to go on a ski trip this winter, and it’s time to start thinking about saving up 🎿 unfortunately, you can’t stop yourself from impulsive purchases like an NFT and top-shelf tequila 💲 when it’s time to book your flight, you realize that your… Read More »Mooch ✉️