Beli 😋 rethinking the Yelp review setting the scene your friends are in town, and you want to impress them with the perfect dinner reservation 🧐 you consult several sources, including: Yelp reviews from self-important strangers bloggers who review the top tourist spots cluttered lists from friends “the best restaurants near me” Google search this… Read More »Beli 😋

Jibby Coffee ☕️ but first, CBD coffee setting the scene you wake up at 6am and pound a cold brew to fight exhaustion ☕️ still fatigued, you hit your local coffee shop on the way to work ☕️☕️ you struggle to resist the office coffee machine and take an espresso shot to prepare for your… Read More »Jibby Coffee ☕️

Culture Pop 🥤 spicing up soda setting the scene to pursue a healthier lifestyle, you avoid artificial flavors and sweeteners 🍭 this means that you must give up your daily Coca-Cola🥤 to fill that soda craving you try sparkling water, but you miss the flavor of your go-to drink 😢 what if soda could be… Read More »Culture Pop 🥤

Talkhouse Encore 🎸 canned rocktails 🍸 setting the scene you go to a bar and order the classic paloma 🍹 after taking a sip, you realize something doesn’t taste right 🤔 you ask the bartender about the ingredients, and you are shocked to discover that half the drink is artificial grapefruit syrup 🤢 the bar… Read More »Talkhouse Encore 🎸

Whipnotic 🍨 a modern take on whipped cream setting the scene a summer heat wave calls for nothing other than the greatest ice cream sundae of all time 🍨 you buy your favorite pint, grab every topping in your pantry, and construct an ice cream monstrosity that looks like the Colorado mountain range 🏔 however,… Read More »Whipnotic 🍨

Xoma 🍸 a new kind of spirit setting the scene many new entrants in the liquor and spirits space rely on celebrities to build a brand ⭐️ Kendall Jenner has grown 818 so quickly that there should be a Kardashian spin off called “keeping up with 818” 🌴 George Clooney’s Casamigos leverages his famous friends… Read More »Xoma 🍸

Tablz 🍽 choose your own table setting the scene you arrive at your favorite restaurant for the birthday dinner you booked months ago 🎉 you follow the host to your table, located at the back of the restaurant, next to the bathroom and under an AC vent 🤬 after requesting to move, the host brings… Read More »Tablz 🍽

Sproud 🥛 “tasty as ***k” a note from us plant-based milks may seem like a relatively recent product but…they’ve actually been around for over a thousand years 🏺 the difference with today’s plant-based milk landscape, however, is that the growing competition has caused a milk war ⚔️ here are a few of the players: soybeans,… Read More »Sproud 🥛

Finless Foods🐟 a biting review of a scaleable company a note from us this week’s company, Finless Foods, is looking to produce their own sashimi-grade fish in a lab…and hopefully get it served at Nobu🍣 imagine eating a piece of sushi and having the fish where it came from in a nearby tank, watching you… Read More »Finless Foods🐟