Paraspot 🀳 virtual property inspections setting the scene you quit your 9 to 5 to pursue your dream of opening a bed and breakfast πŸ› one weekend, a big group books out every room and throws a rager πŸΎ upon checkout, you find almost every unit in poor condition 🀬 you struggle to assess the damage… Read More »Paraspot 🀳

OneRoof 🏒 do you know your neighbors? setting the scene you come back to your apartment with ingredients to make your infamous triple chocolate cookies πŸͺ you ride the elevator up with a few of your neighbors πŸ›— not knowing anyone’s name, you politely nod your head and stand in silence while looking at the… Read More »OneRoof 🏒

Summer β˜€οΈ try your home before you buy it setting the scene every summer you find yourself paying top dollar for your rental in the Hamptons 🌊 all the money you’ve spent over the years practically adds up to a down payment on a house 😳 maybe you should’ve just purchased a home at the… Read More »Summer β˜€οΈ

Playhouse 🏑 renovating the house-hunting process setting the scene it’s time to buy your first home, so you hop on Zillow to browse listings in your desired neighborhood 🏘 you take a break to look at a few homes β€œa little” above your price range πŸ’° hours have passed by, and you can’t imagine a… Read More »Playhouse 🏑