Loanhood ♻️ can your shirt have nine lives? setting the scene tired of cycling through the same five shirts, you go on a shopping spree here’s the process: buy new items and break the bank 🛍 make space in your closet by shoving clothes into your kitchen pantry enjoy your new items for a few… Read More »Loanhood ♻️

Chestr 🛍 the universal shopping cart setting the scene to elevate your wardrobe, you spend time browsing dozens of online stores you save items by: cluttering your camera roll with screenshots 📷 leaving tabs open with full shopping carts 🛒 texting yourself links to products 💬 you become overwhelmed by the disorganization and give up… Read More »Chestr 🛍

Slip 🧾 receipts are a hazard setting the scene after a long flight, you head to baggage claim to find that your checked bags never made it to your destination ✈️ the airline agrees to pay for any clothes you purchase while they locate your luggage, so you hit up your favorite shops 😏 when… Read More »Slip🧾

SheFly👖 to pee or not to pee setting the scene you’re in the middle of a hike and suddenly nature makes its call 😳 for some of our readers, the next step is easy: find a tree and unzip🌲 but for the rest of our readers, peeing outside isn’t as simple most outdoor pants are… Read More »SheFly👖