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Levels Health πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

leveling up

a note from us

  • its race day, time to hit a new personal best πŸ₯‡
  • before the race you scarf down a sugary granola bar that look an awful lot like a bar of chocolate 🍫
  • you rocket out of the start but quickly lose energy and end up in dead last πŸ˜ͺ
  • whether its athletics or other activities, having sufficient energy is critical to performing at your best; this week’s company can track energy levels to help inform what to eat

in a sentence

Levels Health makes it accessible for individuals to track their metabolic health, using a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) that connects to a personalized app

  • metabolic health: how well our bodies produce and use energy
  • CGM: device that attaches to the arm and gives real-time data on how diet and lifestyle affect health
  • Levels app: displays GCM data in digestible metrics to convey how user-specific activities (diet, sleep, exercise) connect to metabolic health 

bulleted version: imagine eating a banana and getting a score based on how your body reacts. 10 points! 🍌

the basics

due diligence

what we like

  • tackles an epidemic-scale problem: 88% of adults are metabolically unhealthy
  • tailored to the individual: avoids activity estimation and focuses on personalized numbers, allowing for effective and actionable outcomes based on which foods and activities positively and negatively impact you
  • entering confidently into an explosive yet fragmented market: the fitness tracker market is expected to triple by 2028; Levels’ differentiated approach may allow for them to compete or partner with the big players

potential risks

  • learning curve is steep: it’ll take a lot of effort to educate 1 billion plus people on why they should be constantly monitoring their metabolic health (though their blog is pretty great)
  • adopting a new accessory that pierces the skin: must convince the public to wear the patch on their arm all day, every day
  • not a hardware company: the CGM is outsourced, which may cause costs to stay high (right now over $200/month) and requires two separate apps (LibreLink app to scan CGM & Levels app to synthesize data)

founder profiles


why Levels: the company optimizes the entire user experience as the app delivers the data in a friendly way, allows for concrete and actionable insights, and commits to educating their users and the public