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quarterly update ❄️

where are they now?

setting the scene

  • today’s most recognizable companies went through plenty of changes to get to where they are
    • Twitter, once called Odeo, was originally a podcasting company 🎧
    • YouTube started as a video dating platform ❤️
    • Nokia was once a paper mill company 📄
    • Nintendo originally manufactured playing cards 🃏
    • Slack went from startup to unicorn in only one year 🤯🦄
  • the point: companies are constantly pivoting, iterating, and growing 🚧
    • even bulletpitch is rocking a fresh logo and rolling out our genz ambassador program (see below)
  • this week we will be highlighting the progress of our q1 startups

the basics

  • 📈 valuation domination: of the 12 startups we covered in q1, 25% raised more capital
  • 🌱 consumer growth: the startups have added users, downloads, clients, and even revenue 
  • 📞 founder conversations: after speaking with some of the founders, we got firsthand info on where they hope to take their companies
  • if you missed any q1 letters, check out the full list of companies here

quarter in review

Levels Health 🏃‍♀️

Levels Health makes it accessible for individuals to track their metabolic health, using a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) that connects to a personalized app

  • new and updated features, including
    • a dashboard redesign 🎨
    • enhanced educational experience, both on the blog and in the app
    • integration with Stripe subscriptions 💵
  • 20% revenue growth from the previous month
  • next level waitlist, climbing 6,000 people to surpass 100,000 🧑🏾‍💻 is a low-code website building platform that simplifies the process of creating, remixing, and launching websites and allows creators to earn credit for their work

Finless Foods 🐟

Finless Foods is an alternative seafood company, currently focusing on two products: plant-based and cell-cultured bluefin tuna

BeReal. 📷

BeReal. is a social media platform where once a day users have two minutes to capture a non-curated, candid photo to be sent out to their friends

  • ⚠️ BeReal. has continued to explode on college campuses, surpassing over 1 million downloads in the month of February
  • coffee machine conversation starter: how long until Instagram creates their own version to try and compete?

Stellic 🧑🏽‍🎓

Stellic is a planning and advising software for universities and colleges to provide their students with a suite of solutions, making it the one-stop shop for managing a degree 

Camber 🗺

Camber is an app that lets you share your favorite places with friends, plan your next trip, and discover spots near and far

  • beta update: see the latest places your friends added to their lists
  • after a wonderful conversation with founder, Mady Maio, we’ve never been more sure that this app is going places 

Mento 👥

Mento is a career care platform that provides support and resources for individuals to better manage their careers, salaries, and daily work

  • using the promo code bulletpitch you can get 20% off your first month on Mento
  • Mento’s founders thought our bulleted version was so funny, they’ve claimed us as mentees 🥳

Dorian 👾

Dorian is a no-code interactive storytelling platform that allows fiction writers to create mobile games from their work

  • after speaking with founder, Julia Palatovska, we learned more about Dorian’s story
    • the platform has social features for creators like live-streaming and adding their own art to support self-expression
      • embracing personalities creates opportunities for a variety of content (vs. static comps like Webtoon and Wattpad)
  • Dorian’s next features can go many directions, and we’re excited to see which path they choose

genz sourcing ambassadors⚡️

  • calling all college students with a passion for vc & entrepreneurship
  • are you interested in:
    • access to special bulletpitch events including networking and meeting founders?
    • connecting with like-minded college students on other campuses?
    • sourcing companies and being credited in bulletpitch?
  • click here to learn more

one more thing

  • word of mouth goes a long way 🗣