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to pee or not to pee

setting the scene

  • you’re in the middle of a hike and suddenly nature makes its call 😳
    • for some of our readers, the next step is easy: find a tree and unzip🌲
    • but for the rest of our readers, peeing outside isn’t as simple
  • most outdoor pants are designed for those who do their business standing
  • this week’s company has a solution that allows everyone to unzip outside 🥾

in a sentence

SheFly Apparel is an outdoor apparel brand specializing in pants that allow the wearer to comfortably and safely answer nature’s call

  • pants: features a second patented zipper and flap
  • safely: gives privacy and helps avoid health risks like urinary infections and dehydration

bulleted version: flies shouldn’t just be for guys❗️

the basics

due diligence

what we like

  • 📈disrupting a growing market: outdoor activity and apparel sales have soared during the pandemic, and consumers are looking for innovative products that fit their needs
  • 🏕 outdoor inclusivity: outdoor activities are rooted in exclusive narratives
    • SheFly promotes inclusivity by removing barriers for half the population to pee outside
  • 💡opportunities for expansion: SheFly’s zipper can be used for more than just outdoor activity
    • some use cases include aid workers without regular access to bathrooms or scientists working hours in the field

potential risks

  • 🤌expansion strategy: could SheFly’s focus on outdoor recreation limit the company from bringing their mission to different customer segments?
  • 👩‍🏫consumer education: as SheFly reinvents a familiar product, the company must educate customers on their mission and product use
  • 🔂 one and done? once a consumer has bought their pair of pants, the company must find ways to keep customers coming back to buy more products

founder profiles


why SheFly: to streamline our point, SheFly brings accessibility and inclusivity outdoors by challenging the way traditional apparel companies design outdoor pants🏞