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Thursday ❤️‍🔥

a SINGLE day for dating

setting the scene

  • you open your favorite dating app and start swiping
  • after a few matches, you try the go-to pick up lines:
    • “i must be a snowflake, because i’ve fallen for you” ❄️
    • “any chance you have an extra heart? mine’s been stolen!” 😏
  • after several messages the conversation goes dry; time to open the next app 💔
  • this week’s company gets rid of aimless scrolling and messaging, turning that swipe right into a memorable night 🪩
Thursday | LinkedIn

in a sentence

Thursday is a dating app that opens once a week for singles to match with each other and sign up for exclusive events

  • once a week: “6 out of 7 days of the week, spend time on you, not a dating app”
  • events: attend sponsored events at some of the coolest venues across London and NYC

bulleted version: just like how the Bachelor makes us wait a week for the next episode, Thursday builds anticipation for users to find their bachelor(ette)🌹

the basics

Thursday has a hot date with investors | Business | The Times

due diligence

what “turns us on”

  • 🧐 in need of a fresh take: for the 300m+ people using dating apps, over 50% are unsatisfied with their experiences
  • 💥 loud marketing: Thursday is making their voice heard with their “viral PR stunts,” including:
    • free chocolate eggs with sex toys inside on Easter
    • an intern handcuffing herself to a poll to celebrate “cuffing season”
  • 🎊 events: diversifies revenue streams and creates a user experience outside the app

potential risks

  • saturated market: thousands of dating apps exist today
    • even with their new model, the matching functionality isn’t different from what we’ve seen
  • 🔀 mixed reviews: while users are excited about the app, some feedback on the App Store shows there’s room for improvement
  • too edgy?: Thursday’s marketing turns heads, but walking the line between effective and questionable content may pose challenges

founder profiles


why Thursday: we are head over heels about Thursday, as the app ties the knot between online and in-person dating

  • the once a week model encourages users to make the most of their matches ✅
  • exclusive events let singles meet in real life 👥