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Transpose ⚙️

your blockchain translator

setting the scene

  • let’s explain the blockchain with a familiar analogy: word docs vs. google docs 📝
    • word doc: one editor sends a doc to those they want to share it with
    • google doc: multiple editors and viewers can be shared on the same doc
  • many institutions currently store data in word doc format, but blockchain developers imagine a future where data is stored in the collaborative, google doc format 🔮
  • but there’s a problem: the data is stored in large chunks of code that take hours to decipher and process🧑🏻‍💻
  • this week’s company provides a solution to quickly turn that block of code into human-readable data 🔐

in a sentence

Transpose provides software for accessing human-readable blockchain data at scale

  • accessing: the platform translates Block, ENS, NFT, and Token data and makes it digestible to developers
  • scale: blockchain data requires heavy processing before a computer can make sense of it

bulleted version: similar to how you can paste a paragraph into Google Translate; Transpose translates data on the blockchain into language users can read 💬

the basics

due diligence

what we like

  • 🌐web3 activity: as decentralized web development continues, developers will benefit from avoiding the time-consuming task of manually interpreting their blockchain data
  • 🆓 starting free: Transpose will attract early adopters by allowing users across industries to test out its APIs for free
  • 🪡 SaaS model: the company plans to sell its products via subscriptions, bringing in reliable revenue and differentiating itself from other riskier web3 companies

potential risks

  • ✅product market fit: while offering free products draws users to the platform, Transpose must figure out how to convert these users to paying customers
  • ⚠️riskier clients: the platform targets web3 developers, who will likely churn at higher rates and bring in less revenue than an enterprise customer
  • 📈scale: Transpose plans to provide company-specific solutions down the line, which is difficult to scale

founder profiles


why Transpose: while web3 is still in its early days, Transpose’s tools will serve useful as developers aim to quickly understand their data and increase productivity 🤔💡